2018 BSA/ACH Reviews Combo


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The BSA Review and ACH Review are also available as separate services.

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BSA Review
This service analyzes and assesses your credit union’s risk based on implemented BSA/AML programs using available CU*BASE tools and configuration options. This independent review is performed by experienced personnel who not only understand regulatory requirements but also have comprehensive knowledge of the core system – providing the unique ability ro effectively recommend specialized processes and tool applications to meet your credit union’s compliance objectives. This is a required review based on regulatory guidelines that should be performed internally every 12 to 18 months.

ACH Review
Enlist an AuditLink Compliance Expert to conduct your Annual ACH Audit. During this process both receiving and originating activities are examined as well as review of risk exposure due to customer service and treasury payment activities. A comprehensive report is provided so that you may certify your audit by reviewing each risk exposure point.

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