Concentration Risk Analysis


Additional pricing per Annual Review and Quarterly Run listed below

Annual Review:
$0-$50M: $1,000/year
$50.1M-$100M: $1,250/year
$100.1M-$300M: $2,000/year
$300.1M and above: $2,500/year

Quarterly Run: $400

The Concentration Risk Analysis service is a five step process which includes the upfront analysis of portfolio segmentation, data identification, redesign of ALL calculations, determination of model variables, and determination of economic drivers. Steps two and three involve classification in accordance with their specific segments and changing security codes. Steps four and five involve testing and determining risk, board approved limits, and generating the final reports.

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Credit Union Assets

$0-$50M, $50.1M-$100M, $100.1M-$300M, $300.1M and above


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