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CU*Answers Imaging Solutions will being archiving AP Invoices, Member Forms, and Photo IDs. We will also be purging AP Invoices that are older than 18 months.At this time, we have not set a purge schedule for Member Forms or Photo IDs.

Please review and complete the form below. This form must be submitted by Thursday, February 28, regardless of your elections. If you have any questions, please contact CU*Answers Imaging Operator Scott Shippy at 800-327-3478 extension 539.

On 1/1/2019, CU*Answers will begin to purge from our online vaults, AP Invoices older than 18 months. Please let us know what your credit unions preferences are for AP Invoices by filling out your selections under “CU*Answers e- AP Invoices”.

Also, for the first time we are now offering the ability for credit unions to receive copies of their credit unions Photo IDs and Member forms residing in our online vaults. At this time, we are not changing the retention policy and these documents will be held indefinite (meaning undefined time period).

Please let us know what your credit unions’ preferences are for receiving your data by filling out your selections under “CU*Answers e-Member Forms and e-Photo IDs”.

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