CU*BASE Custom Training Edition



CTE gives your team a safe place to practice using CU*BASE tools, learn new skills, and experiment with new features without potential harm to your live member data. And because it’s a copy of your actual files, both the product configurations and member accounts will be familiar and will behave like they do in your day-to day environment.

Interested in learning more about Custom Training Edition? Take advantage of a 15-30 minute Free CTE Demonstration with a member of our Client Services and Education Team.

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  • Setup of a CTE environment is approximately a 60 day process after signed contract has been received.


Whether introducing new employees to CU*BASE or helping existing employees practice new skills, your CTE environment is perfect for keeping your team up to speed on the tools they’ll use every day to serve your members.

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*Note: Setup of a CTE environment is approximately a 60 day process

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3 reviews for CU*BASE Custom Training Edition

  1. Ana G Luong

    I just want to say that I love that fact that our configurations are loaded into the CTE.
    Thanks for all your help!

  2. Matthew Esquivel

    “I love the CTE – it’s proven its worth every penny!”

  3. Kittie Waltz

    This resource made my training feel personal and realistic, making it easier for me to retain and apply my training to my real-world responsibilities. I would strongly recommend CTE to all who use CU*Base, it is a great tool for training new employees without risk as well as practicing new or not as commonly used functions for seasoned CU*Base users.

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