Guardian Officer Anti-Fraud


$100 monthly file processing fee

CU*Answers providing a batch data file upload to Guardian Officer.

Guardian Officer provides technology which monitors all entities based on their unique risk factors and behavior patterns. Guardian Officer generates real-time alerts and prevents a variety of financial crimes so that your credit union is fully protected.


GUARDIAN OFFICER offers the a comprehensive suite of capabilities to detect Check Fraud, Check Kiting, ATM Fraud, Debit Card Fraud, Credit Card Fraud, ACH Fraud, Wire Fraud, Identity Fraud, Deposit Fraud, Loan Fraud, Online Fraud, Point of Sales Fraud, Employee Fraud, Financial Fraud, and more.

Next Steps

What is Next Step: After placing your order, a member of the DHD team will contact you to clarify your business objectives, product fit, clarify expectations craft your custom programming request. Typically, a first step will be to complete a Special Request/ Authorization form with a DHD Representative. This special project request form is the trigger to gather details necessary for us to begin the evaluation process. It is very important to provide as many details as possible; the more thoroughly we understand your request, what technical considerations it will entail and your business expectations, the more quickly your project can move through the changes. Learn more about initiating special requests.

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