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Pricing starts at $500/day

True to its commitment, AuditLink reduces the added work imposed by regulations and compliance. Factors inherent in changing regulations mandate continuous training and frequent exposure to compliance issues with applied auditor solutions. The forecast indicates greater focus in these areas, with stringent penalties for violators. Consequently, this places a higher degree of accountability on your staff to ensure these regulatory requirements are met. This increases day-to-day activities at an alarming rate, absorbing time that should be devoted to serving your members.

AuditLink is home to a variety of experts including compliance, audit, risk management, BSA, ACH, loan portfolio risk management, ALM, automated vendor solutions, information systems auditing, and more. Our professionals are available to assist with your custom training and speaking needs.



Speaking engagements and training events are customized specific to the needs of the client or event. Fees start at $500 per day. Quotes are provided upon initial consultation.

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