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You may have an Inhouse Imaging system but perhaps you’ve been hesitant to put your sensitive credit union documents in it, i.e. HR, board reports etc. mixing them with member documents. Perhaps you want isolation between employee roles that manage the imaging system and those that manage data for Administration or HR teams. Then we have a solution for you! Check out our new Hosted Corporate Imaging Solution. This is a separate solution hosted in our data center, that you can limit to only those team members you wish to have access. And right now, we’re looking for beta test users to help us build this solution in return for a huge discount! Read on to learn more!

What You Get

We provide the following:

  • A hosted VM server with Windows Server 2019 OS
    • 250GB of Storage
    • 2 vCPUs
    • 8 GB RAM
  • Network Services Managed environment in CU*Answers data center
    • Includes data center physical security
    • 21 day back up retention
    • Host Intrusion Detection system
    • Ongoing patching and monitoring
  • eDOC Innovations’ software for document archival including ProDOC, idocVAULT and eDOCSignature
  • Oracle MySQL software with ongoing support
  • Installation and Training from Imaging Solutions
    • 10 free forms setup includes eSign configuration!
      (Additional forms at only $25!)
    • Installation of ProDOC on 5 workstations and corresponding User configuration for those users
      Additional workstations only $50 one time fee
    • 5 free Tables setup only $25 per table additional one time fee
  • Ongoing release management from Imaging Solutions
  • Numerous scanner options available


$5000 Up Front
$1100 Monthly

  • eDOC Innovations costs for software
    • $2500 up front for software
      $250/month for support
  • Imaging Solutions Costs for Installation/Training/Release

    • $1500 up front for training and installation
      $250/month release management.
  • Network Services costs for hosting server
    • $1000 up front setup
      $600month hosting fee.

That’s it! Secure “Air Gapped” document storage made easy!

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1 review for Hosted Corporate Document Solution

  1. Kari Schmitzer

    CU*Answers Imaging solutions group spent the time with me to help me understand what the corporate vault system could do for my department and were instrumental with set up and ongoing support. I literally was able to design this vault for my exact needs and its been working very well!

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