I Want to Partner With Lending Solutions Inc.


$0.75 per application, additional vendor fees may apply

Lending Solutions Incorporated provides deal origination services. Their staff will create loans and submit them to your CU*BASE application queue for booking.



More and more credit unions are moving toward some form of indirect lending or dealer lending programs. We provide multiple resources for building and streamlining your indirect lending initiatives. With our own end to end indirect platform and integrations with a growing list of third party indirect systems, you can ensure that your credit union is in the game wherever deals are made. CU*BASE provides the opportunity to partner with any third party indirect lender to maximize your credit union lending opportunities and to track activity and key data information for your indirect lending/dealer program.


  • Loans are submitted directly to your CU*BASE application queue

Talk to us about how to share these costs with your retailer. Works with any retailer in your community.

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