Virtual StrongBox Member Engagement Emails

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Credit union members expect a high level of engagement from their credit union. Make the most of your Virtual StrongBox investment by assuring your member’s succeed with their new Virtual StrongBox. It’s easy to accomplish with the NEW automated marketing and educational email series.

The email campaign series educates your member on the benefits and value of the online safe deposit box service your credit union is providing them and increases adoption of the service.


Our automated email engine is designed to send a credit union branded email to individual members at certain intervals. With our education email series, you pick the templates you want, in the order that you want and the number of days between each email.

Member Educational Series Fees and Disclosures

  • Credit Union must be utilizing the standard or premium version of VSB to participate
  • Service include the Creation of 6 custom branded email templates for your credit union created by VSB

The Process

  • Order Virtual StrongBox Standard or Premium if you are not participating today
  • For credit unions utilizing standard or premium this order will produce an API Agreement – this agreement must be signed prior to the execution of this service
  • Provide Virtual StrongBox with a file including members who have chosen to Opt Out from third party marketing. Files may be sent in .csv or Excel format. Members from this point forward may request to opt out utilizing the communication preference link within VSB messaging.
  • Begin Marketing to your members:  Add a page or section to your website informing members of this valuable new offering

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