Budgeting with CU*BASE


Tap into the experience and knowledge of Earnings Edge consultants to adapt CU*BASE Budgeting Tools as an integrated part of your credit unions strategic design. By utilizing the robust CU*BASE Budgeting toolset you can create, maintain, and monitor your credit union’s annual budget. Evaluate your projections against your actual performance immediately, any time you want…no downloads or formatting or special skills needed. And your budget is automatically granular all the way down to the individual branch level, for more control than you have ever had…without any extra work. Let the knowledgeable consultants at Earnings Edge assist you every step of the way by scheduling your fully customized consulting engagement.


Credit unions who work with Earnings Edge consultants enjoy the freedom that receive from the dedicated training by industry experts in budgeting and credit union examination processes. Each engagement is custom tailored to your objectives, experiences and current staff. Add to your cart today to tap into Earnings Edge and the power of CU*BASE Budgeting Tools.

What Ernings Edge will do

  • Review current budget processes and propose recommendations
  • Provide comprehensive training of CU*BASE Budgeting Tools to appropriate executives and managers including:
    • (Tool #202) Chart of Account Maintenance – Used to set up your budget groups.
    • (Tool #482) Unlock/Lock GL’s for Budgeting – Opens and closes the budget year.
    • (Tool #992) Work with Credit Union Budget – Used to create and update your budget.
    • (Tool #699) Project Asset & Liability balances – Project your member related share and loan balances (used in Tool #535).
    • (Tool #535) Model Yield and Cost Projections – Project your member related dividend and income.
  • Review the created budget with management staff and adjust as necessary

What the Credit Union Will Do

  • Assign a program manager. This person agrees to work with the Earnings Edge Consultant with the goal of becoming an independent user of CU*BASE Budgeting Tools.
  • Establishes a timeline in which to start and complete the project
  • Secure the appropriate scheduling and resources relative the consulting engagement

After My Order Is Received.

The CU*BASE budget software is used to budget your income and expense accounts. You may project your member related accounts – share and loan accounts to calculate the share dividend expense and interest loan interest income.

Earnings Edge is looking forward to the opportunity to assist. Once your order has been received a project coordinator will connect to discuss your needs and to schedule your personal consulting engagement.

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