Budgeting with CU*BASE


Earnings Edge will work with your credit union on establishing your budget with CU*BASE. This is a program where we work together via a conference call and we step through the appropriate procedures to ensure that your budget is created successfully. The engagement is mostly provided through multiple conference calls. If you prefer to have an Earnings Edge representative onsite for a couple of days to complete the work, the same fee would apply and your credit union would be responsible for travel and expenses.


The CU*BASE budget software is used to budget your income and expense accounts. You may project your member related accounts – share and loan accounts to calculate the share dividend expense and loan interest income.
Earnings Edge will assist you with the following:

  • (Tool #202) Chart of Account Maintenance – Used to set up your budget groups.
  • (Tool #482) Unlock/Lock GL’s for Budgeting – Ppens and closes the budget year.
  • (Tool #992) Work with Credit Union Budget – Used to create and update your budget.
  • (Tool #699) Project Asset & Liability balances – Project your member related share and loan balances (used in Tool #535).
  • (Tool #535) Model Yield and Cost Projections – Project your member related dividend and income.

We will also show you many other tools to help prepare your budget.

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