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Developer's Help DeskWelcome to the Developer’s Help Desk Store!

The Developer’s Help Desk Online Store is intended to provide an online retail shopping experience for ordering a variety of Off-the Shelf tools for which CU*Answers has previously developed, or getting started with a (Custom Programming Project) request. By grouping these project types into various categories/departments, we are able to offer a simpler, more streamlined approach for clients to be able to quickly review and determine a solution. For many of these services, we have included a published price as based upon our technical experience for having previously developed this solution. Whether ordering a “canned” project such as converting from one supported EFT switch or online Credit Card vendor to another, or going down a whole new road working with a new 3rd party vendor to build a (Custom Project) solution, the DHD online store is a perfect place to start! Need more details?

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DHD Project Kickoff

Within the DHD online store, we offer products to get your credit union started with your custom project.  These types of projects could include an initial project discussion to bounce your ideas off experts, or maybe you have your idea but need assistance writing a project specification.  DHD is here to assist with all ideas, thoughts, and insight we can provide to make your custom project a success.

Recent Successes

New Tools

Our DHD featured products are off the shelf ready to deploy or activate for your credit union, these products typlically represent a newer project that has been completed for a peer.  These type of solutions are easily modified for other CU*BASE clients to benefit, and in most cases offered at a low price point.  Be sure to check back periodically within our featured products as they will update as new tool sets are developed.

“Our members are loving the new It’s Me 247 SSO integration with SavvyMoney. They can retrieve their credit score and spot any problem areas with ease. They have access to tools to improve their scores, monitor their credit, and review tons of great educational material about money issues. Our loan officers are using SavvyMoney to educate members and help them understand how to make smart money decisions.”

~Linda Bodie, Element FCU

“The level of functionality for the price is unbeatable, especially for CUs that have modest commercial portfolios.  CU*BASE integrations with Suntell allow the Suntell product’s dashboard to reflect current information such as past-due loans automatically.”

~ Jay Stevens, Building Trades CU

“The Sagework (Abrigo) integration to CU*BASE has significantly improved our efficiency to input and process these loans. The DHD team worked with me step-by-step to get everything set up with Sageworks.”

~ Hollie Britton, Frankenmuth CU

“This past year we were looking for a solution that would give our members the ability to make loan payments online 24/7 from an outside funding source without having to call in to the credit union. Working with the DHD, we are able to upload daily files with loan and verification information, as well as paid off loan information so payments stop when they should. Members are loving the flexibility of when and how they can make payments, and staff are enjoying the ease of the automated solution.”

~Chris Pratt, Preferred Credit Union

API Processes

A major focus for 2019 and beyond is to build the foundation of APIs both within CU*Answers applications, and in partnership with external vendor/partner applications.  API Development for CU*Answers is an important step in revolutionizing our ability to be flexible in providing data in a secure but streamlined manner. Once an API is developed, it can be used by other third-party applications, GOLD, It’s Me 247, Mobile Web, the Loan App, or anything that we allow data access from now, or in the future. From the DHD store you can shop the online API store to view what is available, and if these align with your project objectives.

Other Custom Opportunities

These opportunities through DHD include ordering a canned project such as converting from one EFT switch to another, or ordering and initiating new custom solutions or integrations, or even purchasing professional services or tools to build their own solutions outside of CU*Answers offerings.  These opportunities include vendors that are supported, or work directly with CU*Answers, this could range from bill pay vendors, credit card processors, or statement vendors.