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SavvyMoney will assist your members in not only viewing their credit score at the current time but keep a running history as well. The tool will deliver educational factors of what is impacting the score and how the members could improve. This could be useful to credit unions as a financial counseling aid. Your members will be offered real time opportunities to save money or get out of debt more quickly.

The tool will also offer your members an informational section with articles and videos dedicated to learning about credit, credit scores and how financial decisions impact credit score.


The Developer’s Help Desk is creating an integration that will bring the SavvyMoney financial tools and the VantageScores they utilize into It’s Me 247 desktop and mobile web banking. This will give your members the ability to become familiar with their credit scores along with a host of other tools. This will require a paid and contractual relationship with the vendor, which will give you various options for offerings to your members:

  • Give your members access to score updates whenever they would like. No more waiting for a semi-annual or annual credit report. This is on demand!
  • Members can set up credit alerts, and monitoring to be triggered and notified based on self-determined events.
  • You will have the ability to make instant offers from your credit union using the “Recommendation Engine”.
  • Multiple dashboards, reports, metrics and other analytics will help you identify lending opportunities and quality leads.

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  1. Linda Bodie

    Our members are loving the new It’s Me 247 SSO integration with SavvyMoney. They can retrieve their credit score and spot any problem areas with ease. They have access to tools to improve their scores, monitor their credit, and review tons of great educational material about money issues. Our loan officers are using SavvyMoney to educate members and help them understand how to make smart money decisions.

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