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AuditLink maintains the most robust and relative database of vendor due diligence and intelligence in the country. We set the standards for vendor due diligence for a national audience.

Exchanging and monitoring this information is a complex problem that has grown exponentially with the advent of outsourcing and regulation. AuditLink Vendor Management is the answer providing a platform where businesses can directly and securely exchange key information required to do business with each other.



AuditLink Vendor Management combines technology and resources to provide actionable business data from various sources. Through our collaborative partnership with Trust Exchange, the flexibility and customization options have enabled us to serve multiple industries simultaneously including finance, banking, credit unions and logistics.

Increasingly complex regulations and guidelines for vendor management published by the NCUA have created an additional regulatory burden on an already highly regulated industry. The new requirements add an exponential amount of work that must be done to maintain compliance. Existing solutions are linear and can’t keep up. AuditLink Vendor Management uses social technologies to provide a cost effective, scalable and “future proof” solution.

Schedule of Tasks

Experienced AuditLink representatives help you to:

  • Develop a sound vendor management policy
  • Inventory your vendors
  • Assess your risk
  • Categorize your vendors using a risk based approach
  • Determine the amount of ongoing due diligence based upon the identified risk
  • Monitor, review, and analyze information dynamically
  • Report to management significant findings
  • Automate, monitor, review, and report so you don’t have to

How It Works

AuditLink has a scalable, secure and powerful platform designed specifically for businesses of all sizes and industries. Designed to meet the needs of data intensive computing we scale to millions of transactions on our cloud based infrastructure.

AuditLink employs dozens of professional experts. Our team guides you through the implementation process, build best practices specific to your organization and monitors the day to day work associated with performing due diligence. At the end of the month we provide detailed reports based on the performance of our teams and your vendors.

Technical Details

The Vendor Management platform enables businesses to directly disclose key information that other businesses may need to enter into a relationship. Employing basic social and gaming mechanics to solve the exponential scale problems encountered by traditional providers.

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