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*Free for standard model. Premium model quote provided upon request.

Now you can get into the document transfer business with your members today for free! That’s right, you can now easily send receipts and loan forms directly to your member’s own “virtual strongbox” with the click of a button. Your members in turn can easily access these documents right from online banking. You may also choose to invest in the premium version of Virtual StrongBox that will allow your members to store all their critical personal documents like wills, trusts, and medical papers where they are easily accessible on the internet through a trusted partner, their credit union.

What You Get

  • We will configure your Virtual StrongBox handoff from It’s Me 247 for your members.
  • We will update your ProDOC software to include the necessary components for sending documents to members.
  • We will train you on how to use this software to send documents to your members.

How it Works

The member experiences Virtual StrongBox right in It’s Me 247
Now credit unions can offer members access to an online safe deposit box directly within It’s Me 247. Here, members can conveniently save their important documents, such as wills, mortgages, tax documents, and loan forms – all safely and securely.

Virtual StrongBox allows members to exchange documents via a secure link
Members can share documents with whomever they wish, including your credit union. You can also use the service to exchange and distribute documents securely with any of your members, providing a popular, top notch alternative to secure email and file exchange services.

Standard vs Premium Comparison Chart

*Credit unions with an in-house vault not subscribed to Imaging Solutions Release Management will need to coordinate their updates with eDOC Innovations.

Virtual StrongBox Video Series

Standard Package FAQs

How much space does each member receive?
Each member will receive 10 MB of space at no cost to your credit union. This is roughly enough to hold one standard loan form and ten receipts. To add more items, the member will need to delete items or purchase additional space.

Can my credit union share documents with members? Can members return documents to the credit unions or share documents with other providers?
All of this is possible via the secure link feature of Virtual StrongBox.

What is the pricing for the Standard Package?
CU*Answers does not charge for the standard package.

Can we send receipts and loan forms from ProDOC directly to a member’s Virtual StrongBox?
Yes, this feature is available with the Standard and Premium packages.

Premium Package FAQs

Does my credit union receive all the features in the Standard Package?
Yes, your credit union receives all the other features included in the Standard Package. However, instead of receiving only 10 MB of space per member, with the Premium Package your credit union can purchase a block of space (for example – 5 GB) and determine your member allocations.

Can my credit union earn a commission when my member purchases additional space?
Yes, profit sharing is included in the Premium Package. Members’ purchases for additional space is a revenue source for your credit union.

Can I brand the Virtual StrongBox pages with my credit union logo and colors?
Yes, the ability to brand the Virtual StrongBox pages is included in the Premium Package.

Can my credit union reward certain members with additional space?
The Premium Package includes a reward program similar to a Tiered Services program. Fees or special pricing for space are not tied to the CU*BASE Tiered Services rewards program, however.

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