Receipts and Forms in It’s Me 247 Online Banking


Are you interested in emailing receipts and forms to your members? If so, this is a perfect solution for you. While we won’t email the information to your member because it is not secure, we will upload them into It’s Me 247 with a check of a box so your members can see them right next to their eStatements. Just another way to work with your member remotely! Sign up today to get started.

Credit unions leveraging an online vault, enhanced online vault or an In-House vault can sign up for this feature. Make specific receipts, loan forms, and member forms that your credit union staff choose available for your member in It’s Me 247.

Once signed up, an Imaging Solutions Account Executive will reach out to discuss next steps of implementation. The implementation process can take up 7-14 days after all requirements have been met. The implementation process will include a training and verification session on how to send documents and view them in It’s Me 247.

Disclosure: CU*Answers is not responsible for documents made available members. If documents are saved with an incorrect account number and made available for members, the incorrect member will see that document.


  • Must be an Online, Enhanced Online, or Inhouse Imaging Client
  • Inhouse Imaging Clients
    • Webserver open to the internet (can be restricted to allow connections only from
    • HTTPS certificates in place
      Costs may be associated with setting up a webserver and https certificates if needed.

Forms and Receipts in Its Me 247 – Quick Guide

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