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Additional pricing per month (see below)

The Enhanced Online Vault solution is a hosted document archival system that has more flexibility than our basic Online Vault. It not only helps you get rid of paper and associated handling and storage costs like our online vault, but allows you to capture and store more types of documents for a more complete solution.

Designed for credit unions looking to dive in with electronic documents deeper at a low up front and small monthly cost. This solution accommodates archival receipts, photo IDs, and any loan/membership document as well as AP invoices. It allows staff to access documents from any branch and if coupled with our eSignature and Virtual StrongBox products you can work with your remote and mobile members easily to get business done remotely and efficiently. You get more business done, members get more convenience!


With this solution you can begin eliminating paper day one. Receipts, photo IDs, loan/membership forms, and AP invoices are all included. We’ll install ProDOC, our document capture software, on each of your workstations, signature pads for capturing signatures in branch where needed and scanners to allow you to capture those documents that walk through the door with your members such as titles or verifications of income. Your CU*BASE forms and receipts will flow seamlessly through ProDOC where you can apply signatures and save them to our Enhanced Online Imaging Vault.

If leveraged alongside our eSignature product (highly recommended) you can easily send your forms to members for eSigning where they will flow right back into the vault once signed. Once in the vault staff at any branch can easily search and view documents right from their desk. What’s more, we’ve built convenient links right into CU*BASE so you can easily access your documents.

Lastly, we’ll install Gweep devices to forward data to our data center, turn on the “smart links” to access your documents right from within inside CU*BASE and provide you training on it all.

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Next Steps

When you order this product, the Imaging Solutions team will typically reach out to you within a week to discuss. We can provide solution demos to show you how seamless this can be as a part of CU*BASE, answer questions about hardware and process and of course provide you a detailed quote custom to your situation in partnership with CU*Answers Network Services who provides the hardware and its installation. Once you approve, we’ll schedule your implementation and training then order your hardware. Typical implementation takes 30 days, but we recommend budgeting for a 60-90 day implementation window. See the requirements below for more information.

Requirements/Additional Pricing

May include some or all of the following depending upon whether or not you have an existing online imaging solution or are just getting started. Other factors include how many and types of forms you need programmed and how many branches and workstations we need to equip, etc.
May require some or all of the following*:

  • ISweep or Gweep appliances
    • $699 initial cost
    • $45/month
  • Signature pads
    • $313.95 each
  • Scanners for ancillary documents
    • $127 each for letter size
    • $165 each for ID size
    • Other options available depending on needs
  • Installation
    • $3000 flat fee
    • Taxes/expenses billed at cost
  • Forms programming
    • Typical as follows quote provided:
    • New CU*BASE page $250 – each
    • Existing CU*BASE page updates – $100 each
    • Non CU*BASE forms – $10-$50/form depending upon form
  • SwiftView third-party PCL – Tiff conversion software
    • Site license based on membership size: $192-$4000
    1. Setup Fee – Credit union will pay a one-time $250 Setup Fee. If the Credit union is already utilizing the AP Invoice capture feature then only a one-time fee of $100 will be charged.
    2. Miscellaneous Membership Fee – Credit union agrees to pay a fee of $50 per miscellaneous membership form setup at their request.
    3. Monthly Fee – Credit union agrees to pay a monthly fee based on membership size:
      • 1 – 3000 Members: $100/month
      • 3001 – 5000 Members: $200/month
      • 5001 – 7500 Members: $350/month
      • 7501 + Members: $500/month


Service is in effect until December 31st of the year in which this agreement is signed and will automatically renew for another 12-month period beginning and ending on the calendar year unless 30 days’ notice is provided prior to renewal.


      1. Best Practices. Credit unions must agree to utilize best practices when scanning documents, so file sizes remain small which has numerous benefits including: faster retrieval times, potentially lower costs for receiving data on media, keeping overall costs for utilizing the system low. These best practices include:
        • Not scanning in color
        • Scanning at a DPI of less than 300
        • Using black and white where possible
        • Breaking documents up that are very large – greater than 30 pages
      2. Document Return. By adding additional data to the system, it may increase costs for obtaining data on external media as additional media may be required.
      3. Data on Disk. Allows the credit union to capture any document deemed necessary to support a loan, NADA, CARFAX, etc. and to print documents to ProDOC™ provided the credit union has SwiftView™ and ProDOC™ printers installed.
      4. No Warranty/Acceptance of Risk. No technology or system is free from risk of incident or loss of data. The credit union is responsible for making sure data is archived as intended and accepts the risk of loss of data.

*Dependent on if credit union is currently utilizing an online vault

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