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  • Budgeting with CUBASE

    Budgeting with CU*BASE

    Earnings Edge will work with your credit union on establishing your budget with CU*BASE. This is a program where we work together via a conference call and we step through the appropriate procedures to ensure that your budget is created successfully.

  • Secure Online Forms

    Secure Online Forms

    Custom made secure forms for your website, mobile app, and It's Me 247 Desktop


Membership Application/Opening

Credit Unions can now automate the membership application/opening through their virtual delivery channels. This application allows an applicant to fill out an online form using either a desktop or mobile browser to become a member of a credit union. This allows fully automatic account opening using Experian Precise ID for ID verification and Magic-Wrighter for credit card account funding. What a great way to increase your membership!

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Mobile Banking Annual Releases

CU*Answers and MTG (Mobile Technologies Group) is moving to annual mobile app release schedule, where credit unions can update on an annual basis. We have set the groundwork with over 160 credit unions live on mobile app 4.0, with more making the transition each day. Prior to release credit unions will staff test the mobile app and work on their marketing notification to members, then once comfortable they will work with CU*Answers to deploy to both Apple & Android app stores.

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The CU*Answers Mobile Technologies Group will be offering credit unions access to CU Publisher to maintain their mobile app content, including advertisements, button links, branch information, and much more. Credit unions currently have access to the Request Center where working data is funneled from their secure online forms. CU*Answers has now launched Mobile Manager and CU Info.  Looking forward to the 2021 business year, credit unions will enjoy access to Form Generator and Mobile Alerts.

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