Update my CU*BASE “From:” Email Address to a Custom Domain


CU*BASE supports custom “From:” email addresses to allow your members to receive alerts, notices, statements, and marketing emails as if you were sending them directly from your credit union email domain (such as alerts@mycreditunion.org). In order to use your custom domain, our team must validate that the email meets the DNS requirements set forth by current regulatory and email provider standards.

Your Email Domain Must Include

Proper and Valid SPF Record
To verify you have a proper SPF record, please review this AnswerBook article. Specifically your SPF record must be valid, and have the directive: “include:spf.cuanswers.com” or equivalent. Need help? Network Services can validate or set up your DNS records.
DKIM Records
If you do not have a DKIM Key record for “cubasemail” in your DNS table, you can purchase a key on the CU*Answers store. We will work with you to implement your DKIM key.
If Requirements Are Met
Once your “From:” email address has been validated, Network Services will approve your request and a Client Services Representative will be in contact to confirm the change in email address.
If Requirements Are NOT Met
If your “From:” email address does not meet the required standards, a member of our Network Services team will be in contact to discuss options to bring your email up to standard before your request can proceed. Additional charges may apply.


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