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CU*Forms is a web application that allows credit unions to build their very own form templates that staff can use to prepare documents for signing. Once documents are prepared, members may sign with Topaz signature pads and/or eDOCSignature’ s eSign. The template creator has access to over 150 CU*BASE data points like account, SSN, first name, last name, and address to automatically fill forms. This makes creating forms and getting them signed easier than ever. Sign up today!

  CU*Forms – How to Use and Sign a Form
  CU*Forms – How to build a template


CU*Forms gives credit unions the ability to upload their very own PDF or Word documents and build form templates for future use. Building the template is quite easy as CU*Forms is smart enough to extract text, check boxes, memo, and signature fields automatically from PDFs. Templates are also in color, giving members a better experience when signing electronically.

After the templates are created, staff can easily select them, enter an account number, fill in any required information, and have the document signed by the member(s) using an electronic signature pad or eDOCSignature.

Using brand new APIs, this process will no longer require a print session or iSweeps. That means documents will appear in iDocVAULT and get sent for electronic signature much faster.

Reference Manual

Read the the CU*Forms Reference Manual

CU*Forms March 2024 Update

Highlights of this product

  • Upload PDF or Word documents and create your own forms.
  • Use over 150 CU*BASE data points like account, SSN, first and last name to automatically fill fields.
  • Allow credit union staff to enter information not automatically filled by CU*BASE
  • Electronically sign on a Topaz signature pad or send the documents out for eSign using eDOCSignature.

After signing up, an Imaging Solutions Account Executive will be reaching out to schedule activation and training on how to build and use CU*Forms.


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