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If you have or are considering purchase of teller automation equipment i.e. Interactive Teller Machines (ITM’s) or Kiosk equipment from Hyosung, NCR, Diebold or other manufacturer that you would like to integrate to CU*BASE then this product is for you. Let’s talk about how we can get more out of your investment and better serve members through integration. We will discuss expanded transaction sets and elimination of dual entry that can add up to more efficient staff, less errors and more satisfied members.


The Imaging Solutions team can work with you, your solution provider and CU*Answers programming teams to help you get the most out of your investment. For us to do that we need your participation.

We will need the following:

Your vision in detail – what is the business behind the equipment? How will it be used? Are you visioning members self-serving? Or are you looking more for a video teller to assist them? Why did you invest in this equipment? To reduce teller head count or to serve markets where a physical branch isn’t practical? Lay it out for us.

Your vendor to the table – Building integration with these hardware/software solutions is not a hands-off endeavor. The reason your vendor will engage us is YOU. We do not have a formal relationship with them nor them with us. We need you in the middle bringing the two of us together for your benefit.

Funding – We will create the bid for the work to integrate, which you will be asked to fund. Bear in mind funding may and likely will be required on both sides of this equation, CU*Answers and the Solution Provider. There may and again likely will be ongoing support costs as updates are needed.
Your participation throughout the project to answer questions, review specs and ultimately test and approve the final solution as delivered.

We will do the following:

  • Listen to your needs and learn about your project. Share what has been done thus far with other clients that potentially could be reused.
  • Meet with you and your solution provider and do a kickoff meeting to make sure we’re all on the same page regarding your needs and objectives.
  • Provide you with a DHD (Developer’s help desk) bid for the work and establish the timing for delivery.
  • Once approved we will begin work on schedule and keep you abreast of our progress and engage you to discuss any challenges.
  • Deliver your integration with the help of your solution provider and ask you to test and sign off on the integration.
  • Support your integration going forward. Note: future changes could and likely will be billable.

Current Projects

NCR ITM Integration(In Programming) – 23.05 BETA

Completed Projects

Hyosung ITM Integration – Sign up here


When you order this product the imaging solutions team will reach out and discuss your objectives with you and your solution provider and provide you a bid. There are a lot of variables that can affect a final bid. For instance, what has been completed to date and how much or little overlap that has with your specific project. What objectives you have such as feature set. How easy or difficult your solution is to integrate with and so on. Once we have the answers to these types of questions, we can prepare a final bid and provide an estimate of timing for delivery.

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