Check Images from CU*BASE Inquiry

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If you’ve ever been working in CU*BASE and needed to see a check image for a check a member wrote but had to leave CU*BASE, log into and search your checks image database just to see the image, then you’ll appreciate this feature! We can enable access to specific check images right from within CU*BASE inquiry making research tasks simple! If you want this access enabled to your check processor’s image repository then this is the product for you to make it all happen.

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When you order this service the Imaging Solutions team will confirm your order with you, schedule an implementation date and on that date, enable links from the CU*BASE inquiry screen to check images residing at your check processor. In CU*BASE, just click the link next to the transaction and the check image will be retrieved and displayed. Gone is the need to go to other systems to find check images! This will help you be efficient with members on the phone or standing in front of you allowing you to get to answers quicker.

NOTE: Employees having access to the inquiry screens will be able to view ANY member’s checks for which they can view the inquiry screen for that member.

Detailed Costs and timing

  • CU*Answers Item Processing Clients – No charge, two weeks typical
  • Check processors currently supported – $150 one time fee, two weeks typical
  • Check processors not supported but currently supported in Online Banking – $5000 one time fee, 30 days typical

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