Vertical Receipts Conversion


Sign up today to change your horizontal style receipts to the new vertical receipt format. Enjoy the following new features with vertical receipts…

  • New vertical receipt look and feel
  • Have up to 588 transactions on one receipt vs the supported 10 transactions today
  • Current and available account balances now display at the bottom of the receipt.

After you receive your order, the Imaging Solutions team will reach out within 48 hours and schedule an implementation date that works for your credit union.

When you order this service the Imaging Solutions team will confirm your order with you and schedule an implementation date. On that date, we will push out new configuration files for ProDOC and turn on the vertical format in CU*BASE. Then you will need to have staff at each branch verify the receipts are working as expected so when tellers arrive the next day there are no surprises.


  • Remember this is a credit union wide-setting: it affects ALL workstations that print any kind of receipts.
  • Requires Online or Enhanced Imaging Solution or an InHouse Imaging Solution that’s release managed.
    • What if I don’t have one of those?
      • You can contact eDOC Innovations directly to assist you with the conversion on your non-released managed inHouse Imaging system or sign up for release management.
      • If you are using a different imaging system like MVi or Onbase contact your vendor to see if it’s possible then order below and we’ll provide a bid.
    • Requires non-Carswell thermal printers.
    • Implementation time varies based on volume. Numerous credit unions all wanting this will cause implementation delays, but rest assured we will get to you and appreciate your patience. Once you order we will be able to schedule with you and you will better understand the lead time to getting this in place at your credit union.
    • Requires a staff member on your team to verify a receipt at each branch to ensure all is as expected.

Vertical Receipts Upgrade and Troubleshooting Guide

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