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The 2022 calendar year marks our movement to a new pricing strategy for Analytics Booth. This year we’re moving away from the ‘one price fits all’ approach. In an effort to better align our Analytics Booth pricing with a credit union’s membership size, we’ve introduced the 4-tier pricing model shown below. Billing is driven by your credit union’s membership size each month.

Below are just a few out of the hundreds of items Analytics Booth tracks for you:

• How many members joined the credit union today?
• How has my Reportable Delinquency been trending?
• How is my New Loan Application Pipeline running?
• In-Depth Loan Portfolio Breakdown


Just like the morning news, get an early morning report on how your credit union performed yesterday. Coffee, newspaper, check your credit union’s vitals.

It’s not what you expect, it’s what you inspect.   Need to keep tabs on a certain stat?  Customize an alert just for changes in that data point.  Filter it by branch or see your whole credit union details.  Use management by exception to keep tabs on when data is out of normal.  You can even set Alerts to be sent to your staff or board members.

Don’t know what normal is?  Get a daily digest of every data point being collected.  Use this full report to get a feel what is normal for your credit union.


A picture is worth a thousand words.  With Analytics Booth Trends you can view your credit union vitals over time.  Trending information can show how your credit union is performing.

Watch for blips and spikes to see if marketing campaigns are succeeding.  Did you run a new membership drive last month?  Watch the trend to see how it paid off.

Think this quarter is running slow?  View the trend and see where your statistics truly lie.  On a hot streak?  Maybe this busier season is the new status quo.

While alerts lets you see the day-to-day activities of your credit union, trends shows you the long term trajectories.

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The Sign Up Process

Analytics Booth order forms are processed on Wednesdays.  Sign up is a 2 week process minimum. The first Wednesday after we receive your order form, your information is submitted to be added to data collection.  This gives us a couple days to actually add your credit union to the proper routines.

The next Wednesday, we will email you your access credentials.  This allows us to verify that your data has been collecting properly.  Your access credentials will be emailed to the contact person on your order form.  This person can then add any additional users as necessary.

Download the Getting Started Guide

Note:  Newly converted credit unions will not be enrolled in data collection until after their first month end processing is complete.

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