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When it comes to electronic document images at your credit union, a few things stand out. First, they are important to your operations. Gone are the days of digging through back office archives to search for a couple types of documents on optical platters. Electronic documents have progressed from the back office to the front line. Members expect a level of service that is intolerant for antiquated paper driven processes. With this in mind, implementing the right solution for your credit union and members to meet these expectations is imperative. We support a variety of in-house and online imaging solutions to fit the needs of every credit unions core processing tools and make imaging strategies an integral part of your day-to-day operations.


Looking for a hosted imaging solution that has little capital outlay, is low impact on your operations to implement, and gets you in the paperless game? Then the Online Imaging Solution may be right for you. With no monthly charges to utilize the system, this solution is easy on the budget, provides basic imaging functions, and will have you capturing eReceipts, photo IDs, and some loan and membership forms. You can even leverage this alongside our eDOCSignature and Virtual StrongBox solutions to get business done with your on the go mobile members. Chose this solution if you are looking for low startup costs, minimal monthly costs, and low costs of ownership, but are indifferent to having a great deal of control and flexibility.

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Requirements/Additional Pricing

May include some or all of the following:

  • ISweep or Gweep appliances
    • $699 initial cost
    • $45/month
  • Signature pads
    • $313.95 each
  • Scanners for ancillary documents
    • $127 each for letter size
    • $165 each for ID size
    • Other options available depending on needs
  • Installation
    • $3000 flat fee
    • taxes/expenses billed at cost
  • Forms programming
    • Typical as follows quote provided:
    • New CU*BASE forms $250 each
    • Existing CU*BASE forms $100 each
  • SwiftView third party PCL – Tiff conversion software
    • Site license based on membership size: $192-$4000

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