Sageworks (Abrigo) Data File Extracts

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Sageworks (Abrigo) provides financial analysis and risk management software to financial institutions. CU*Answers has developed a daily data file extract to be delivered to Sageworks which may include various loan, collections and deposit data.


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  1. Hollie Britton

    We are excited to have a solution in Sageworks (now known as Abrigio) that allows us to get an answer back to our business members faster. The Electronic Tax Return Reader, along with the rest of Sageworks’ lending solution, offers full automation of the member’s lifecycle from beginning to end. Its integration to CU*BASE has significantly improved our efficiency to input and process these loans. The DHD team worked with me step-by-step to get everything set up with Sageworks. They did all the heavy lifting of building the data files and worked directly with Sageworks’ implementation, while keeping me informed of the project status.

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