Suntell Data File Extracts

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Suntell offers a risk management system for various commercial loan origination and loan management services. CU*Answers has developed a daily data file extract to be delivered to Suntell.


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  1. Jay Stevens

    When our CU was seeking a commercial loan management system we selected Suntell. The level of functionality for the price is unbeatable, especially for CUs that have modest commercial portfolios. CU*BASE integrations with Suntell allow the Suntell product’s dashboard to reflect current information such as past-due loans automatically. During the underwriting phase of business lending, having the current in-house loan and deposit balances importing directly to the credit display template is a time saver and allows for a higher degree of accuracy. The design of the integration for each CU can be further customized at set up so each CU can designate fields most appropriate for their use.

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