Custom API Development

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Read all the documentation and don’t see the API you need?  Order a custom API to your specifications.



Custom APIs can be developed to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Work with the CU*Answers Developer’s Help Desk to craft that special API integration that will make your product a success.  Custom development of an API will include research and development of your API needs and integration into the CU*Answers API platform.  Custom API development will require a quote and sign off process once your requirements have been determined.

Note, you will still need to complete the Getting Started with API agreements as well as Client Usage Agreement before launching.

Steps to completing an API project

  1. Visit the DHD site to review current APIs, documentation, and sample agreements
    • If a you have a custom API development request, we will assist you to complete and submit
      a Special Project Request/Authorization form, and review applicable steps
  2. Execute the applicable agreements
    • Goal: deliver API test keys within 7-10 business days of order received
  3. Schedule a DHD team kick-off call to review project details
  4. Order pre-scheduled API Testing Windows (optional)
    • An added layer of API testing with CU*Answers experts
  5. Select and order Production API key sets
  6. Contact CU*Answers to verify/schedule API deployment

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