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A Custom Programming Project represents a project development strategy for which you are often a primary architect for helping design. The DHD provides an excellent strategy for helping clients design, build and manage custom development software projects in a new, innovative way. We will also work closely with you for helping determine any desired level of CU*Answers technical and support resource assist we may offer for helping drive your initiative.

Popular Custom Programming Projects

  • Third Party Vendor Integrations, such as a new Loan Origination Systems (LOS) provider
  • DEX/Data Warehousing projects for transferring pre-configured files to external warehouses
  • Single Sign On (SSO) projects – for helping eliminate the requirement for member authentication multiple times

In many ways, the Developer’s Help Desk is here to talk about what you want to build, not necessarily what CU*Answers has already built. Designed as a virtual retail storefront, the Developer’s Help Desk is here to help blend Client Project Management offerings, capabilities, and products as offered in the past, meshed with the company’s goals to present these services in the future via online retailing techniques, stores, and other effective shopping tactics.

What You Will Receive

We will review your project idea and depending upon your objectives, will engage our expert resources in a variety of ways, such as writing an initial project design/ specification, programming expertise, quality control, marketing, compliance, back office, and more. In essence, our Custom Project “suite” represents an array of services, spirit and vision for helping you drive the initiative forward – on your terms.

What We Will Need

Upon contacting the DHD, a first step will be to complete a Special Request/ Authorization form with a DHD representative. This special project request form is the trigger to gather details necessary for us to begin the evaluation process. It is very important to provide to the DHD team as many details as possible; the more thoroughly we understand your request, what technical considerations it will entail and your business expectations, the more quickly your project can move through the channels. Learn More about initiating special requests.

Common Questions to Consider

  • What are the requirements for your project?
  • Do you have a spec for your project?
  • What types of programming resources will your credit union need?
  • Have you established a timeline?

It is important to understand the custom development process should be a collaborative process for helping review project specifications and expectations. Our team looks forward to hearing about our project idea!

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