Helping You to Write a Project Specification

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You have a project vision, and are ready to take a next potential step. However, you haven’t outlined/written a project specification to articulate your desired project scope, objectives, and goals. Why not optionally contract with the Developer’s Help Desk to help write a project specification in order to secure a project bid? Simply place your order here to get the process started, and a DHD team representative will be in contact to review your project initiatives with you.


It is important to understand the custom development process should be a mutual process for helping develop and review project specifications and expectations. In most cases, there is considerable value to receiving different perspectives on various items throughout the research/ design and development life cycle. For example, as based upon a constantly changing business/ membership landscape, things that seem important one day may not be as important in the future. Sometimes, experts working on technical development may not fully understand the impact for how a custom project may be intended to be used by the end users. By regularly collaborating, and gaining outside opinions or perspectives may help identify potential issues and assist with the overall project specification process.

What You Will Get

Upon receiving your request, a DHD team member will quickly contact you back to initially discuss your project idea and specification. We will better describe our processes for helping make your software vision become reality and answer any additional questions you may have for helping develop a project spec quote. For assistance in better understanding key components to writing a specification, please refer to our Tips for Writing Specs document.

What We Will Need

It really depends upon how you wish to engage the DHD for helping develop project specification. Clients are encouraged to develop and submit as many details regarding your desired custom project as possible. The more information you can provide about the specifics of your project, the smoother the process will be for us to help write a project specification.

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