Comprehensive Member Engagement Report


Understanding who your members are and how they use your credit union is a vital part of building life-long financial relationships. This report is specifically built to help you realize the idea that “Knowledge is Power.” From e-Service utilization to savings and loan product penetration to member demographics and so much more! This Comprehensive Member Engagement report is ready to be plugged into your daily automation and can be appended to any simple list of account numbers created with query or Tool 447 – List Generator. Grow your analytical capabilities by partnering with Asterisk Intelligence.

The queries in the MBRSUM_xx series create binary (1=Yes, 0=No) flags for the various products and services offered by your credit union, as well as gathering important dates, balance summaries, and transaction summaries. This report is easily customizable, as you can simply append the Member Engagement output file to any list of account numbers that you create. In a few simple steps, you can have a wide-ranging view of how your members use their credit union.

The Member Engagement Summary file is created as part of the flat-rate product and includes the following information:

  • Basic Member Information and Demographics
  • E-Service Utilization
  • Loan Product Penetration and Balances
  • Savings Product Penetration and Balances
  • Monthly ACH Deposit Summary
  • Contact Information
  • Card Services Information
  • Tiered Services Information (if applicable)

Included in this product you will receive:

  • MBRSUM_xx query series in your QUERYxx library
  • “Query Guide” that details the file structure and query logic
  • Training webinar for report users
  • Report automation with Tool 758 (optional)

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