I Want to Switch My Online ATM/Debit Card Processor to MAP

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When making a vendor change additional services might apply. Do you need a new BIN or a BIN extension (BIN change) or maybe you need to mass reissue your cards. Select the additional options below. If you are unsure, please select base option and if we discover these services are needed while working on the project we can provide you the project costs at that time.

*Must be a current CU*BASE credit union with an Online ATM/Debit Card provider.
Additional vendor fees may apply.

CU*Answers supports many interface options between your credit union and card service providers. A variety of connectivity options are provided to all major regional national networks, plus your credit union can combine its ATM/Debit Card as a single card or offer them separately. Whatever your need is, The SettleMINT EFT team is here to help you!

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