“It’s Me 247” iPay Bill Pay

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CU*Answers and iPay, have partnered to provide a fully integrated and “native” online banking bill pay experience to client credit unions and their members. Your members can easily enroll online and perform a variety of services, including adding payees, viewing bills electronically (from participating vendors), and approving payments in a matter of minutes, without leaving It’s Me 247 online banking.


It’s Me 247 Bill Pay just got better! We have now developed a native solution to integrate iPay into online banking, without leaving It’s Me 247– Introducing It’s Me 247 Bill Pay – transaction processing by iPay! No more worrying about online banking timing out while trying to pay bills, and no more disconnect between the two sites! Your credit union will still use iPay’s MASTER site to monitor daily bill pay activity.

What’s Included

The SettleMINT team will work with your credit union to train staff on the new platform (member experience) as well as upgrade your bill pay configuration so that the single sign on connection is no longer needed.

Who all needs to attend: Staff who will be working directly with the members answering online banking and bill pay questions.

What is needed: Just zoom and you!

It’s Me 247 iPay Bill Pay User Guide

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