1Click Autopilot – Quarterly


$99 per form. Pricing includes standard query. If custom query work is requested, there will be an additional fee from the Asterisk Intelligence team.

1Click Loan Offers are already easy for your members to take advantage of, so why not make them easy for your staff too? With the 1Click Autopilot program you can hire the Lender*VP team to process your 1Click offers for you! Let us do the query work and push out those offers into online banking on the date you specify with your chosen offer type!

Important Reminders:

  • Before you run your batch flood to your membership, it is important to run a test offer with an employee account. Sending a test offer helps to ensure that all key data elements are correct.
  • Each new 1Click Campaign may require a new form to be programmed. Please contact the Lender*VP team for assistance if needed.

How does it work?

After we receive your store order, a member from Lender*VP will reach out to finalize your preferences and timeline.

Which Members will get offers?

This pricing above includes a standard query. Any query work above that standard query provided will need to be a custom order through the Asterisk Intelligence team. Order a custom query.

Not looking for recurring campaigns?

Check out 1Click offers for one time campaigns.

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