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In response to growing trends of fraud, identity theft, and elderly abuse, the FFIEC and CFPB are urging credit unions to identify and monitor high-risk activity amongst their member base. If they have not done so already, regulators will be asking how you are monitoring high-risk transaction activity through electronic channels. A proactive approach is the expectation, but sifting through member transactions, conducting due diligence and research, and maintaining documentation of review takes time. This can place a significant burden on your internal team. The AuditLink team can help! We have experience in identifying and researching high risk activity for a diverse group of credit unions. Let us utilize this powerful CU*BASE® tool to serve your needs effectively and efficiently.

Schedule of Tasks

  • One-time configuration implementation to identify potential high-risk activity in self-service origins. The implementation process is designed to conclude which high risk accounts are known and those which require ongoing monitoring. The process spans over the first two months review and requires credit union interaction via web conferences.
  • One-time creation of a specific memo type for audit trackers to allow for identification of abnormal activity notes and for printing.
  • One-time consulting assistance to create due diligence codes for the purpose of flagging high-risk accounts in CU*BASE
  • We will hold a web conference with your credit union to explain the services to be rendered.
  • We will provide a report of our review of activity for the prior month including recommendations for additional credit union due diligence as applicable.


CU MembershipImplementation FeeService Fee
5,000 and under$800$65/week
5,001 - 10,000$1,165$110/week
10,001 - 20,000$1,435$150/week
20,001 - 40,000$1,650$175/week
40,001 +BIDBID

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1 review for Abnormal Activity Monitoring – Full Service

  1. Kurt Schindler

    We reached out to AuditLink for help with monitoring for high-risk activity after a recent audit. They immediately set up a web-conference with us to explain how the abnormal activity tool works and what they could do to help. The AuditLink team has been conducting monthly reviews for us since March and even honored a special request to review prior months. We now have a process in place to identify and monitor for high-risk activity as well as the documentation to support it. Upon follow-up, all issues were resolved, and the auditors were impressed with our new process. We look forward to continue working with the AuditLink team in the future.

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