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Take advantage of a new offering to link directly to your vendor site from CU*BASE to quote coverage options. Using unique Misc. Coverage codes will trigger an SSO (single sign on) to your vendor site, pulling any required member and collateral information from the application directly to the vendor. Save time and eliminate errors by removing the need to re-key any information! Select the coverage elected and return the coverage costs back to CU*BASE.


A unique set of misc. coverage codes will be built to launch the user out to the vendor site to pull in the member and vehicle information. The codes can be attached at the loan product level to automatically launch to the vendor site or can be added manually to trigger the communication.

Schedule of Tasks

After checking out from the store a Lender*VP Team member will reach out to discuss the code configuration. Once we have the coverage codes you would like to use, the codes will be configured in your OPER menu and the integration will be live. Lender*VP can facilitate any training on using the coverage codes in CU*BASE and returning a quote from your vendor site. Any questions regarding the vendor site will need to be addressed with the vendor.

How it Works

Predefined codes will be established in your OPER menu to create the link to the vendor site. The information for the borrower and vehicle is sent to the vendor to eliminate rekeying any information. The user will be quoted the coverage amounts and can then return them to CU*BASE. Only predefined coverage options can be sent back to CU*BASE any ancillary items will need to be quoted from the vendor and manually entered on the application.

Technical Details

Allied will need a cross reference of CU*BASE users, branch codes, and coverage options at the time of onboarding. Lender*VP will work with your staff to complete the setup form with Allied.


An existing relationship with the vendor should be established prior to requesting the integration. This integration will also come with a Master Indemnification Agreement to allow CU*Answers to send member data to Allied from CU*BASE.

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