BizLink 247


$1/Member per Month (Minimum of $100)

BizLink 247 is the business online banking solution for business members. BizLink 247 was designed for the special needs of business members. BizLink 247 and its companion PIB MLO allows a business owner to have separate logins for each employee, with each employee having individual permissions. Permissions can be granted either through CU*BASE (from a credit union employee) or PIB MLO (by the business owner/administrator). Once your order is placed, a member of the BizLink team will reach out to you to begin discussions on the implementation scenarios available as well as beginning the discussion as to what members you have that may be a fit for the solution. This will also include a review of your CU*BASE Membership Designations to ensure they are configured in a manner that is consistent with your plans for BizLink 247.

For information on providing a website login to BizLink 247, please see the It’s Me 247 Online Banking Direct Login Widget customizations.