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Contract management is a vital task performed by credit union administrative staff. Generally, it is done on spreadsheets and difficult as many times contracts are not centrally located. This can and does lead to missing critical dates such as notice of termination leading to costly penalties and extending a service you desired to terminate.

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AuditLink Vendor Management, Contract Management includes end to end contract management functionality. Credit Union administrators and users can upload documents, store critical information, configure important dates and notifications, archive contracts and more. Best of all, there are no limitations on the number of contracts entered into the system. AVM, Contract Management is a turn-key program allowing you to scale your business your way!

Schedule of Tasks

Experienced AuditLink representatives help you to:

  • Review terms
  • Create your contract management site
  • Review security, administrative controls, and automated notifications
  • Train users on how to enter contracts

How It Works

Increasingly complex regulations and guidelines for vendor management published by the NCUA have created an additional regulatory burden on an already highly regulated industry. The new requirements add an exponential amount of work that must be done to maintain compliance. Existing solutions are linear and can’t keep up. AuditLink Vendor Management uses not only technology but a strategy which incorperates cooperation, scalability, and a deep knowledge of the regulatory requirements to help you pass that next audit.

AuditLink has a scalable, secure, and powerful process designed specifically for financial institutions, the AuditLink Vendor Management service is built for vendor management practitioners specifically for our industry.

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