Daily & Weekly Procedures


The team at AuditLink performs daily monitoring activities on behalf of credit unions to assist in the fulfillment of BSA compliance requirements. The same procedure guide our team uses to do this work is now available to you.

What’s Inside

The procedures guide was originally written just for internal teams. By making this an external document, our goals are two-fold: first, to provide client credit union management teams with more information for use in their oversight and review of our work; and second, to give those credit unions with the will or desire to perform this work in-house the same guidelines and recommendations that we use.

You will find guidance on how to conduct monitoring on the following areas: BSA cash review, dormant accounts, file maintenance, teller reversals, wire transfers, downloaded data, OFAC and employee account review.

Whether you are auditing our work or seeking to do it yourself, we hope this guide helps answer the questions of what tools to use to perform daily audit duties and what are the best practices while using them.

Who Should Read this Document?

This self-help guide was designed for credit union BSA compliance practitioner, from a practitioner’s perspective.

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