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A Financial Literacy Series education DVD for Credit Union Board Directors.

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CU*Answers believes financial literacy is more than just book learning. It comes from the interactions Board Members have with each other and with credit union teams. It comes with the confidence you gain from experience, education, and perseverance as a volunteer.

This series is intended either to start you on your journey, or to confirm where you are as competent, experienced credit union volunteer.

Why would our CUSO invest in a series like this? Why would we offer it to the market for free? It’s simple: without confident and dedicated volunteers, our industry ceases to exist.

Want to order a DVD of our Financial Literacy series? Please place an order here and we’ll send one off to you as soon as possible. Quantities are limited and we may not be able to fill all requests.

Printable Materials

Test Packet

Answer Key

Certificate of Completion

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