Fortinet FortiSwitch 124F FPOE


+$500 remote set up and $29/month CNS management

Lead time 2-3 weeks

L2+ managed POE switch with 24GE + 4SFP+, 24port POE with max 370W limit and smart fan temperature control

Hardware (one time) $1,234.95
Remote Set Up Fee (one time) $500.00
CNS Management (recurring monthly) $29.00

Setup labor includes:

  • Standalone or Fortigate integrated setup
  • Base setup (Firmware update and security settings)
  • Migration of existing configuration or Setup of 2 VLAN’s
  • Remote installation including implementation and test plan.

If you require work beyond what’s included, please contact us for a custom installation proposal.

Download the FortiSwitch Datasheet

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