Getting the Most Out of Your CU*BASE Configurations

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On-site Only

This service will help you get the most out of what CU*BASE has to offer, ensuring you are processing consistently with what your disclosures and marketing state, and optimizing your full income potential using CU*BASE tools.

This session is an intensive review of your CU*BASE configurations, very much like the management configuration session that you did during your conversion, but better since you know much more today than you did back then.

This session will be broken down in several sections:

The Earnings Edge team will work with you on reviewing:

  • General Configurations
  • CU*BASE Savings/Checking Product Configurations
  • CU*BASE Certificate Product Configurations

The Lender*VP team will work with you on reviewing:

  • Loan Category Configurations
  • Loan Product Configurations
  • Request to Disbursement Workflows
  • Collection Parameter Configurations
  • Delinquency Notice Configurations
  • Loan Fine Configurations


2 days

Consulting or Custom Training


Designed For

Credit unions who would like to review their configurations in CU*BASE and determine if they are still in sync with disclosures. Or, credit unions who want to know if the decisions made during conversion still serve you for who you are today.


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