I Want More Debit Cards


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This document and the following volumes are intended to give a credit union a complete road map to execute a marketing campaign. This road map will take the user from the very beginning point all the way through to the end of the process and the evaluation of the campaign. This design will contain all the steps necessary to create the campaign, the steps to follow through to the end using the referenced CU*BASE options to mine the data and track the sales success.

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A member with a checking account and no debit card is an opportunity to manufacture revenue for your credit union. These members already have a relationship with you but are likely not using you as their primary institution as the majority of people have and use debit cards. This is an opportunity to reach out to them and entice them into a getting and using a card now. One idea is to give a gift card for new cards that have five purchases in a given timeframe, but get creative and find what works for your members. We will walk through the process to identify those members and contact them. Use this as an exercise in establishing or building upon a sales culture.

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