Instant Card Issue – On-Premise Solution


Additional T&M Billing if the project exceeds 45 hours, and any additional monthly billing changes may apply if additional managed server resources are required.

This service is for the Entrust On-Premise-based solution only. Please contact your Entrust contact to determine what type of solution you will be implementing.


CNS will assist your credit union and 3rd party IT vendor to help facilitate a VPN configuration on your customer-provided equipment to your instant-issue server hosted within Entrust’s cloud.

CNS will build a configuration on your data-processing managed router to map to the IP address that Entrust Datacard will assign your hosted server. This will be the connection through which CU*Answer’s production hosts will communicate with your hosted Entrust ICI server.

CNS will work with Entrust, Credit Union, 3rd party IT vendor, and EFT staff as necessary to complete and test the connection.

Credit Union Responsibilities

The Credit Union is responsible for establishing the VPN between their equipment and Entrust Data Card.

The Credit Union is responsible for communications between the cloud-based Entrust instant issue server and the credit union’s 3rd party card processor.

Traffic between the cloud-based Entrust instant issue server and the 3rd party card processor will not be backhauled through CU*Answers.

Entrust will be responsible for providing the cloud server IP addressing to the Credit Union.

Credit Union will provide the IP address of the device that will route traffic to Entrust Datacard.

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