New Loan Category


Additional costs may apply

Have an idea to expand your loan options to members, but don’t have the time to build configure all of the nuances of the product? Lender*VP is now offering to build new loan categories. Check out below to notify us that you are interested. A Lender*VP Team member will contact you to discuss the details for the new loans you want to offer. Expand your loan options today!



Lender*VP will build one or more categories based on your requirements. After checking out from the store a Lender*VP Team member will contact you for how you would like the category set up and when you would like to begin offering it to members.

Schedule of Tasks

After the initial conversation, a date will be provided for these products to be configured based on the loan type, and number of categories requested.


To help alleviate any disconnect with your accounting staff we ask that you provide the G/L accounts to be used for any new categories.

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