New Member Engagement Scorecard


As a cooperative, our teams at CU*Answers are focused on providing products and services that provide the most value to our owners – you! Likewise, your credit union is focused on maximizing the value offered to your owners – the members! The Asterisk Intelligence team has designed the New Member Engagement Scorecard to provide you with an overview of the relationship you have with the newest additions to your credit union family. Gain insights on the products and services used by your new members, the reason they joined the credit union, which employees opened the accounts, and much more! Start building better relationships today.

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Your entire staff can benefit from this all-in-one New Member Engagement Scorecard. Gain valuable insights into the growth of your membership, including:

  • E-Service Utilization
  • Savings and Loan Products
  • Account Opening Reason Codes
  • Employees Opening Accounts
  • Comparisons with the Entire Membership Population
  • And much more!

This new Scorecard offering from Asterisk Intelligence allows you to understand the relationship you have with your new members, all at a glance! Simply provide a timeframe that you wish to review, and our data experts will deliver. This two-page Scorecard will make a great addition to any reporting packet and allows you to check the current health of your ever-changing loan portfolio.

Orders are typically delivered in 3-5 business days. Reports will be delivered electronically as a PDF document. You can choose to have a one-time report or receive regular reports on a monthly or quarterly basis.

* This product is currently in BETA and Asterisk Intelligence reserves the right to make modifications to this report and the data, therein.

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