Virtualization Management Program

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  • Keep your systems running smoothly with the latest features
  • Keep your systems up to date with the latest security updates
  • Reduce deficiencies in audit results
  • Compliance with client Patch Management Policy, keep client aligned with Industry Best practices
  • Planning for future with Annual Capacity and Lifecycle Analysis
  • Costs are only incurred when new updates are available and work is completed

Program Details:

  • On a monthly basis, CU*Answers Network Services will evaluate the available updates for the virtualization environment and determine if the updates are applicable to your infrastructure. These updates typically include VMware vSphere vCenter and VMware vSphere ESXi.
  • Each quarter, CU*Answers will evaluate available updates for other components of your Virtualization Infrastructure and determine if applicable to your environment. These updates typically include Server Firmware and Storage Firmware.
  • Lastly, each year, CU*Answers will perform a capacity and lifecycle analysis of all components of your Virtualization Infrastructure. This analysis will keep you up to date on the remaining life of your assets and provide a snapshot of your capacity for both compute and storage.
  • In addition to all the above, CU*Answers subscribes to critical security alerts for all included systems. If a critical security update is released and applies to systems your organization owns, CU*Answers will advise that the update be implemented at the earliest opportunity and will work with you to schedule the update.
  • Work will be completed on an as-needed basis, determined by our Virtualization experts. Estimated number of patching cycles is 6-8 per year. Estimated annual costs depend on environment specifics, billed in increments as work is completed.
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