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$125.00$150.00 / monthly

Non-CU*BASE Client Price: $150/month

Looking to have your website hosted by someone trustworthy? CU*Answers Web Services offers WordPress hosting with layers of security! WordPress updates will be automatically applied on release. The $125 set up fee is waived with Custom Theme Development by Web Services.

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With Dynamic Hosting, a requirement for all CU*Answers hosted WordPress sites, any updates that occur through WordPress or any included plugins will automatically be applied to your credit union website. This allows your site to be consistently up to date without you ever having to lift a finger.

Manage with FTP

Familiar with HTML or CSS? You now have direct access to your sites source code via FTP. Use any of the popular HTML Development tools like Adobe Dreamweaver or Microsoft Web Expressions.

Manage with WordPress

The popular WordPress content management system puts the content of your site in your hands. Update pages, articles, and stories anytime you want.

Let Us Manage Your Site

Web Services has a team of seasoned web professionals standing by to manage your site. Our team handles the HTML, CSS, testing and other technical details for you, so all you have to worry about is the content. We even have access to a large stock photo library for use on your site.

Control Panel

The control panel allows you to login and manage your own web site and email settings. That means you can set up email addresses and change passwords on your schedule. You also have control over the spam protection level.

Web Site Statistics Powered by Google Analytics

Who’s visiting your site? When are they visiting? What pages have they been viewing?

  • Track Traffic based on month, day, and hour
  • Monitor the success of your web promotions
  • See what pages are attracting your visitor’s attention
  • Discover the browsers and operating systems of your viewers
  • Determine which search terms are bringing visitors to your site

Hosting Platform

  • SAS 70 certified data center
  • Hardened LAMP servers
  • Redundant power including diesel generator
  • 3 stage disk to tape backups, plus on demand backups from control panel
  • Multiple internet connections

Required Plugins

Wordfence is our go-to security plugin. It adds firewall and a malware scanner to your website for added protection on top of our serverside security.

Super Cache
Caching saves load speed for your users. With Super Cache your users will only need to load each page one time, so returning visits are loaded faster.

DB Manager
DB Manager provides daily backups of our WordPress database, allowing us to restore a previous version if necessary.

WP Activity Log
WP Activity Log tracks admin actions, showing pages and posts that have been edited and tracking when changes or additions have been made.

Required Access

CU*Answers Web Services requires Administrator access to your site for all Web Services team members.  This allows anyone on the Web Services team the ability to support your site as needed.

Required Updates and Third-Party Code

CU*Answers Web Services requires any third-party code, such as themes and plugins, to be regularly updated for security purposes. Usually this involves the client maintaining a license with the third party. Clients may elect to share their licensing credentials with CU*Answers Web Service to assist in maintenance updates.

Third-party code means certain third-party products or services which are not sold or licensed by CU*Answers Web Services but which are made available for you, in your sole discretion, to enable or integrate with your website (e.g. third-party themes and plugins available through the WordPress administrative portal). Web Services maintains no control over and disclaim any and all liability for third-party code, even where we may have provided limited support or advice to you in relation to such services. Such support and advice are provided in good faith, as-is and as-available, and solely for your convenience.

In addition, CU*Answers Web Services requires that your website, its code, including plugins and themes, remains compatible with the currently supported versions of software that constitute the webhosting platform. CU*Answers Web Services will maintain the hosting platform to the current reasonably supported versions for security and maintainability.


Our server runs the Plesk hosting control panel on top of Ubuntu. Ubuntu, Plesk, and WordPress core and repository plugin updates are automatically installed when they become available.

Your website on our hosting benefits from several different layers of protection, at the network level, the server level, and at the application level. Traffic is continuously monitored by Apache ModSecurity for dynamically updated (Atomic Subscription) patterns of abuse such as brute force login attempts, form POST abuse, excessive 404 request, 404 requests for commonly abused filenames, etc. These automated systems then temporarily ban offending IP addresses using Fail2Ban. Repeat offenders get blocked for longer periods of time. At the application level, the WordFence security plugin is used to monitor WordPress core files and plugins for changes from the official versions, as well as to overlap some of the ModSecurity functionality blocking abusive requests if they make it through the previous layers of defense. We also have systems, Cacti, Graylog, Watchdog, Health Monitor in place to monitor overall server and network load levels that alert us to suspicious conditions outside t he norm for manual inspection so that we can respond to and mitigate threats as necessary.

Website planned maintenance and downtime information is communicated via the http://alerts.cubase.org/ site, and the Client News email list.

Basic Email Hosting Services*

*Basic Email Hosting for Credit Unions with 1 location, 10 or fewer employees, and 30 Million or less in assets.

  •  You can login to the hosting control panel to set up your email addresses.
  • Secure WebMail Access. (workstation level support for Outlook or other configuration is NOT included)
  • Mail groups to forward one address to multiple recipients
  • Unlimited mail forwards
  • Unlimited autoresponders/vacation messages
  • Spam protection with customizeable levels
  • Whitelisting and blacklisting
  • AntiVirus scanning

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