In-House Imaging Solutions

An In-House Imaging Solution offers the ultimate in flexibility. You own the retention schedule, archiving structure, content, and rules for your imaging data. With this solution, while it requires a rather large capital outlay, pays for itself time and again through enhanced workflow in your lending, tellering, and member service processes. It doesn’t end there however. It can improve efficiencies in your accounting, administration, and HR teams as well. There is virtually no area of the credit union that can’t benefit in some fasion from such a flexible system. Coupled with products like eDocSignature, Virtual StrongBox, RDC, and other solutions, this system will help you reach your busy mobile members and get business done!
Requirements may include some or all of the following:

  • Server(s)
  • DR/BC solution
  • Signature pads
  • Scanners for ancillary documents
  • Installation
  • Forms programming
  • SwiftView third party PCL – Tiff conversion software