Add Manage My Cards and Transaction Activity Alerts to Mobile App

*Only applies to those who have online credit or ATM/debit cards

Put your members in control of their plastics! Manage My Cards allows your members the option to “turn off/on” their credit or ATM/Debit cards themselves via your mobile app. This FREE service give members more control over when the card is available for use, limiting the window of opportunity for fraudulent or unauthorized use.

Transaction Activity Alerts allows your member to activate activity alert (push notifications) on their ATM/Debit, and Credit Cards. This FREE service notifies members each time their card is being used, for example once a member uses their card at the grocery store they will receive a push notification to their device, letting them know of the approval. Once your credit union places your order, IRSC will contact you to begin staff testing, and once the credit union is comfortable we can begin the process of updating your Apple & Android mobile apps

1 review for Add Manage My Cards and Transaction Activity Alerts to Mobile App

  1. Kristie McCurdy

    This is one of the BEST features of the mobile app in my opinion. It avoids the member having to cancel a card that may turn up later. Once the card has been reported lost, there is no going back. It is also a great feature when traveling to keep your accounts safe.

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