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Board Member engagement is critical to the health and success of your credit union. Some of the most important contributions your board can make is asking the right questions, and challenging the status quo. Are you giving your board the information they need to think critically? Taking your board digital with Analytics Booth brings your operations to their fingertips! If you’re looking to further engage your Board of Directors, encouraging critical thinking and challenging the norm; Asterisk Intelligence can support your initiative with a board education briefing on Analytics Booth. Whether you prefer video conferencing, or an in-person briefing Asterisk Intelligence will energize your Board through a series of case studies, live product demonstration, and hands on engagement.


What to Expect

Board Presentations are fully customizable and agendas are coordinated in advance allowing you to mold our message to align with your strategy. Common discussion topics are:

  • Analytic Booth Product Demonstration (Dashboards)
  • Analytic Booth Product Demonstration (Trends)
  • Analytic Booth Product Demonstration (Alerts)
  • Credit Union Case Studies
  • Understanding Operational Trends
  • Maximizing the value of your subscription
  • Building a Data-Centric Culture

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